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Lori Bruhns
How will clients benefit with you as their coach? transformation and realize their true potential to get them to their next… (clients fill in the blank here because each client in unique and has their own unique end point.)

  • Allow them to get right to the heart of the matter make them approach things in a whole new light.
  • Give them actionable, practical tools to improve things.
  • Help them immensely; both in high-level thinking about their career and in very specific tactics that they could implement right away to better manage their time.
  • Helping them identify their true goals, and translate them into action.
What results have clients reported after working with you?
  • Awareness
  • Clarity
  • Sense of relief
  • Direction
What do clients say about working with you?
"Lori's astute and intuitive listening allowed me to get right to the heart of the matter of where I was getting stopped in scaling my business revenue. She can reflect quickly and offer specific consulting that will immediately produce results and also offers insightful and direct coaching that will open up new ways of approaching any productivity or mindset issues."

"I'm a retired Army Colonel who has led in the toughest environments, developed leaders, and run organizations. Lori is simply fantastic as a coach. She combines selflessness, energy, and competence to really deliver. Let her coach you. She was a tremendous help to my wife and I in our entrepreneurial journey."

"It didn't take long for Lori to be invaluably helpful to me. She listened carefully to some challenges I was having, and gave me immediately helpful advice. While only speaking for about an hour, Lori managed to be truly insightful, and made me approach things in a whole new light. She also gave me actionable, practical tools to improve things. I highly recommend her!"

"I started working with Lori because I wanted to find a way to balance my full-time job with time for my start-up. Lori has helped me immensely, both in high-level thinking about my career and in very specific tactics that I could implement right away to better manage my time. She has a real gift for helping people identify their true goals, and translate them into action. I'm not only more productive because of Lori's help, I'm also focusing more on things that matter to me."

"I had the privilege of working with Lori Bruhns, and her expertise in management, leadership, and coaching is truly remarkable. Lori's training sessions are not just informative but also highly engaging. She has a unique ability to connect with her audience, making complex concepts easy to understand and implement. Her passion for empowering individuals and teams shines through in her work. Lori's guidance has been invaluable in helping me develop my leadership skills and navigate the corporate landscape more effectively. I highly recommend Lori to anyone seeking to enhance their management and leadership capabilities."

What is your coaching philosophy?

I act as both a champion for and a mirror that reflects hard truths. I provide an opportunity to examine strategies and review outcomes with a second set of eyes and ears. I partner with others in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to realize and maximize their personal and professional true potential. I believe that everyone has the answers within them and I am a conduit to access the answers they are looking for.

What strengths do you have as a coach?
  • Great listener
  • Intuitive and observant
  • Empathetic
  • Compassionate
  • I afford my clients to the opportunity to stretch themselves while feeling supported
What types of clients do you work with?

Clients who are looking to transform. I've worked with clients in many different industries and the common thread is that they all want to transform personally and professionally and have the capacity to do so.

What is your professional background?
  • Over 25 years experience designing high-impact, productivity-enhancing curricula
  • Track record of delivering dynamic training sessions to groups of 20 to 500 participants across multiple industries
  • Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation
  • Enthusiastic professional coach/speaker/facilitator/trainer with results driven orientation
  • Facility for customizing curricula and training to connect with a wide range learning styles
  • Skilled at presenting information in an accessible and engaging manner, facilitating learning in both in-person, virtual and e-learning formats
  • Coached clients in need of career guidance by creating action plans and timelines for reaching career goals
  • Private, personal and business coaching designed to equip entrepreneurs to strategically perform efficiently and effectively to generate desired target goals

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